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You made a date to meet friends at your favorite restaurant for brunch. When you all finally settle down, you:
Pass along the new gossip you heard about your ex.
Discuss the new classes you’re taking.
Tell them about your breakup for the five millionth time.

Your girlfriend is gushing about the vacation she spent with her man, you think:
Gee, I wish I had a man to spend my vacation with.
I am so happy she had a good time.
Why doesn't she just shut the hell up. Who wants to hear about other people's joy when you're so miserable!

Your sister went online and found a great guy, your reaction is:
You consider the possibilities for yourself.
You’re game. You ask her for the website URL.
You tell your sister you think she's a loser for using the Internet to find a man.

You met a new guy who seems wonderful and he wants to take you out. When he asks, you:
Accept initially, then get cold feet and cancel.
Look forward to the date and start thinking about what killer outfit to wear.
Give him the frozen stare. Even though he seems nice, you know he'll turn out to be a creep.

Your girlfriend fixes you up with a male friend of hers. After the first date you find that you have a lot in common. You think:
I wonder when the other shoe will drop.
This getting to know someone new is not half bad.
This can’t be for real.

You stopped for a cocktail at the bar near your job for a martini before going home. Sitting at the bar is your ex chatting up his new girlfriend, you:
Leave quickly before he sees you.
Acknowledge him with a friendly smile.
Walk over to make sure he sees you and to give her the once over.

After the breakup you find yourself attracted to men who:
Look a little like your ex.
You feel can appreciate you for who you are.
Are totally the opposite of your ex—been there, done that, good riddance.

It's Saturday night and you have no plans for the weekend, you:
Call your friends and suggest going out.
Check the newspaper for events going on in the city for the weekend.
Toy with checking in with your ex.

You're invited to a wedding. The invitation is for two, you:
Call all the guys you know to avoid going by yourself or with a girlfriend.
Go stag. You’ve always heard weddings are great places to meet someone new.
Decide not to go.

As you take a walk in the park, you seem to see couples holding hands coming at you from everywhere. You:
Start feeling really sad and all alone.
Think back about how it feels to be with someone special.
Bet that six months from now most of them will have broken up.

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